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Do you need to develop your point of sale, do you plan to offer new services or make your commercial area more attractive to your customers?

Whether you are a national banner with several stores or a unique convenience store, franchise or independent. StratéCom provides you with a team of professionals to support you in your development and restructuring projects.

Planning and installation division

In order to remain competitive and innovative in the face of the constant evolution of the retail trade, a retailer must constantly improve its marketing strategies. Marketing your business and exploiting the programs that are in place are not always enough to make a difference. Commercial image and services can make this difference. After a certain period, refreshing the commercial image of your business becomes a priority and essential.

Then comes the decision to renovate his business. To do so, it is important to have a company specializing in commercial development that will allow you to accomplish your project by ensuring an efficient transition during renovations and minimizing the impact of the work on sales, as well as the related costs. to the project.

Merchandising Division

We know that each company, supplier, banner or retailer needs its products, services and marketing to be highlighted in order to increase sales and thus improve its market position while reducing costs.

Through our rapid and effective actions and our ability to adapt to each event or project, our teams will mobilize to ensure that the objectives that will be targeted are achieved.