Synergix Division (Commercial project management)

To remain competitive and innovative in the ever-changing retail business, retailers must continually improve upon their marketing strategies. Marketing your business and taking advantage of existing programs are not always enough to tip the balance in your favour. It is your commercial image and services that can make all the difference. Intermittently refreshing the commercial image of a business is an essential strategic priority. When the time is right to take that step, it is important to use a company that is specialized in commercial development and project management...a company that will work with you to accomplish your projects, ensuring the transition during the renovations is done effectively, keeping to a minimum the impact of this work on your sales and costs.

Our SYNERGIX Division offers a team of professionals to assist you with your development and restructuring projects. Based on our know-how, expertise and experience in recent years with more than 150 projects completed, we can offer comprehensive solutions to your projects.

Management of Development Projects

  • Project planning (work schedules, stages and budget)
  • Logistical implementation with regard to the clientele (displays, distribution of information)
  • Project management: designating a project manager
  • Detailing and fine-tuning of merchandising strategies
  • Coordination of suppliers to the project
  • Merchandising plan and launch
  • Deadline and schedule follow-ups
  • "Turnkey" project delivery

Design / Installation

  • Conception of development plans
  • Design and fabrication of commercial furniture
  • Installation of commercial furniture (counters and various furnishings) including metal components