Retail business laws in today's markets are changing in an exponential way. Due to the industries increasing competitive ferocity, organizations and suppliers are being asked to adapt to these constant changes. It is in this spirit that Stratecom has the objective to offer concrete, dynamic and practical solutions.

Stratecom is a company that specializes in merchandising, provides a sales force and executes commercial project managing for retail organizations. Also, we participate in the development of marketing strategies and their execution. Our mission, on a national scale, with our team of 100 merchandisers and project managers, is to offer a personalized and high quality service that adapts and meets the needs of of each company.

Stratecom has as its primary objective to become a key partner in your developing projects. We offer an experienced personnel whose goal is to provide high quality workmanship while respecting rigorous planning. This approach guarantees results as it constitutes a firm commitment on our part to all present and future partners.

We have the obligation and the will to offer each of our customers an exceptional service as well as a pleasant and memorable experience which is favourable to the development of the business in question. We make every project an independent challenge!

Company profil

Stratecom is a company that specializes in merchandising, increasing store revenue and commercial project management with a team dedicated to bettering all aspects of retail business. Our companies' structure combined with our multiple fields of skill help to benefit as well as facilitate companies or organizations continued well structured evolution. Our team is there to assist our customers develop strong marketing strategies and to integrate the necessary human resources. Also, our team of merchandising and sales professionals have as their objective, to provide all necessary tools needed to complete any project. And, done in a way that is efficient, personalized and adapted to fit each of our clients. This is the firm commitment that Stratecom provides.

Our philosophy

We are obligated and the commited to offering each of our business partners, a quality and exceptional service and make sure that every project is done in a context favourable to the development of their business. To us, every project represents a new challenge and a chance to grow, improve and increase our strenghts.