StratéCom Resources

In recent years we have been regularly contacted about whether we provide certain services related to business management and human resources. In response, we evaluated and discussed the possibility of developing some of these services. Based on data collected, we have now developed and implemented the StratéCom Resources Division.

Our Resources Division provides retail businesses three new services: interim management, consulting and manpower replacement. These three services enable owners, franchisees and banners to have access to comprehensive services that will maximize the management of human resources and organizational management of the company.


Interim management aims to fill, for a specified period, the position of a Manager or Assistant Manager whose role is to manage the business, human resources, purchasing and training. A clear mandate will be given by the administration of the business to the Interim Manager who will put in place adopted strategies in logistical preparation of a specific action plan. When the merchant has found a permanent candidate for one of the posts, the Interim Manager will ensure a smooth and seamless transfer of power and information.


Our consulting service provides merchants, owners, franchisees and banners a retail trade consultant who can help manage a company's organizational management. This service is used in the following contexts: problems with profitability, logistics and efficiency of human resources, image problems or marketing - all to ensure the continuity of business growth.

The work includes the analysis of current strategies, work methods, relevance and organizational efficiency, purchasing strategy, the level of training of employees and the impact human resources have on the productivity and profitability of the business.


Are you looking for manpower to fill some positions on a temporary basis? We can help! We can provide a reliable, efficient and experienced workforce during these temporary periods. The resources available include: floor clerk and receiver.

Why use such a service? You can take the time to build your permanent team while reducing any negative impact there may be on your regular operations.